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Home Sweet Alone


Home Sweet Alone explores the consequences of a failed 10-year relationship that could only be described as the quintessential, All-American highschool sweetheartdom.

'It's more of a breaking up record. A break-up record implies that everyone's moved on,' says Shekey. He continues, 'It's dark, brutally honest, and all kinds of sad. I've never been more proud of a record.'

While it highlights the softer side of a maturing band, Home Sweet Alone doesn't lose its hooks or its bravado. At once it drifts between acoustic interstitials and full-on telecaster thunder—a turning point in both the band's musicianship and lyrical content. Home Sweet Alone is a cohesive, measured effort.

'Everything's out in the open on this one. My fear is it'll be hard for me, personally, to listen to it in a few years' time... but this record absolutely had to be made. It's the best work we've ever done.'

  1. (For a Lifetime)
  2. Staring Down the Morning
  3. Say You Don't
  4. See Me Through
  5. I'll Be Around
  6. (To Be So Bold)
  7. Christmas Lights
  8. I Give Up
  9. Magic Shows
  10. Home Sweet Alone
  11. This Town
  12. (Coming Home Soon)
  13. Somewhere Else
  14. What Kind of Man
  15. The Rejects